Camping at Crater Lake

Ever since I was a little boy I remember the many times I spent camping out at Crater Lake with my family, there was always something fun, interesting, and simply magical about the atmosphere. It had actually been quite some time since I had last spent a short get away weekend away from my hectic work schedule and as such, was nearing the point of a much needed mini vacation. Coincidentally I had some time off from my job as a game developer at a major game studio. Seeing this window of opportunity I seized it and took the time off, I was even thinking about taking an extra day.

Although it was only mid day I couldn’t keep myself from being excited about this vacation, even though it was only going to be myself and my Golden Retriever Sparky. Nonetheless, the end of the workday finally arrived and I was finally on my way to a long weekend of relaxing and enjoying nature at it’s finest.

Upon arriving and glancing at the brochures the man at the front desk had given to me I immediately noticed that there were a ton of different activities to enjoy. Rather it was swimming and/or taking in a tour of the area by boat it was plain to see that nature could fondly be enjoyed no matter what the weather was like.

While the area activities were considered to be seasonal I was looking forward to enjoying the full benefits as it was towards the end of June so summer was in full swing. However, for now it was time to pitch my tent as it was getting close to night fall.

sparkyAfter staying in the rest of my first night I decided to explore the area for myself and get the lay of the land, Opting for a nice soothing nature walk to start the day Sparky and I were well on the beginning of our Crater Lake adventure, and what a beautiful day it was. With the sun shining brightly and the warm breeze blowing it was not long before we had made our way to the area lake.

Set against a backdrop of mountainous scenery the lake was quite a wonder to look upon with its blue inviting waters so peaceful and still. Even though I knew that swimming was allowed it were as though the soothing waters had offered a personal invite to Sparky and I. It was in this moment when I made up my mind to go back to the campsite to get my swimming gear as well as Sparky’s doggie life jacket that he was used to wearing. Next time, we’ll upgrade his to the Ruffwear K9 model which Life Jacket Advisor recommends. His is getting a bit beat up.

Things went on this way for the remainder of my vacation and with a few small restaurants around the area I was glad that there was no need for me to take time to prepare my meals myself, furthermore, it was the perfect weekend because it was summer and there were no storms in the forecast.

Despite the fact that the drive to Crater Lake was a bit annoying to say the least the staff was helpful as there was a particular point on the way when I got lost due to the construction built detour that had messed the roads up badly. One of the best things was that their “open door policy” remained the same as I had always remembered it: no need to set a reservation. All in all, I was glad that I was able to take the mini vacation when I was able to because (as remembered) the scenery was worth the trip itself.