Planning for Baby

For those that don’t know me on a personal level, my longtime girlfriend and I found out a few weeks ago she’s pregnant! Craziness… I know. I never thought I’d be a daddy but I’m stoked! Since I’ll all about research, I was assigned the task of planning the nursery. With technological advances in every aspect of our lives is it any wonder the baby nursery is also becoming an area of the home that takes on the appearance of a starship’s cockpit. Some tech gadgets for the nursery are just fun and others are highly beneficial in making sure your baby remains safe at all times. Here is a list of several high tech nursery accessories that will be at the top of our baby registry (hint… hint):

  • Crib Monitor – There are a wide variety of brands that produce crib monitors. The monitor helps detect every moment of the baby while it lies in the crib. If the monitor does not detect a slight movement every 20 seconds, an alarm will sound. An indispensable addition to any nursery, a crib monitor can help alert you if your baby stops breathing and may help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) by offering early detecting of any abnormality that your child may exhibit.
  • Remote Control Mobile – There is no reason to tip toe next to your baby’s crib and rewind its mobile. There are not remote control mobiles which allow you to control the mobiles speed and music choices from across the room. No reason to disturb the baby.
  • Monitor and Television – Do you want to keep an eye on your baby from you television, mobile phone or computer? Well now you can with a variety of baby monitors and televisions which will give you a clear view of your little one any time you want.
  • Crib Soothers – Most babies like the sound of a soft song, rain water or other soothing noises to fall asleep too or to calm them in the middle of the night. With crib soothers, you can pick the melody, time and duration for your baby. If your baby wakes up, the music starts to play.
  • Bouncy Seat – The bouncy seat is no longer for simple bouncing. Now a parent can program the bouncy seat to recreate a variety of motions such as a car ride, a hammock on a breezy day or the gentle waves of an ocean. No matter what your baby’s personal taste is in motion, the new age of bouncy seats will provide it.
  • Crying Analyzer – A crying analyzer is suppose to detect subtle changes in your baby’s crying to determine the baby’s problem. Is your baby wet, hungry or sick? The analyzer will help you learn what your baby wants and needs.
  • Sleep Sacks – Not electronic but these are the future of traditional baby blankets. Sleep sacks for babies have been used in Europe for over 20 years and are becoming more commonplace in the US. They allow babies to sleep better and remain covered during the night as well as reduce the chance of SIDS. All types of fabrics are available from cotton to merino wool and cotton muslin. You can even buy baby swaddles which put old-fashioned swaddle blankets to shame.

With so many high tech gadgets, parenting has never been easier. Your baby’s nursery will be a safe, secure environment that is beneficial to your baby and you because of the advances that technology has made to make parenting easier than ever before.